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易胜博娱乐 promotes environmentally responsible operations across the oil and gas sector to advance protection of the natural environment, minimise and mitigate risks and impacts from operations and products.

易胜博娱乐 convenes industry and stakeholders to identify and promote good practices in operations, joint ventures and the supply chain, covering a full spectrum of environmental issues, including biodiversity and ecosystem services, water management, oil spill preparedness and response, Globally Harmonized Systems, natural capital, and air quality.

As oil and gas will remain an important part of the energy mix 易胜博娱乐 will continue to develop expertise and good practice to advance efficient use of natural resources, enhance oil spill preparedness and response globally, as well as facilitate good environmental practices across the energy transition.

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  • Spill surveillance.png
    易胜博娱乐-IOGP launch 'Oil spill surveillance planning guidance'

    This document aims to help operators navigate the steps involved in implementing and maintaining a surveillance programme during a response to an oil spill.

  • Deena_nature article.png
    Enabling the industry to protect the natural environment

    Deena Clayton, Managing Director Sustainable Development, ConocoPhillips and 易胜博娱乐 Vice Chair looks at how 易胜博娱乐’s Nature strategy is supporting the CBD COP15.

    25 October 2021
  • CBD COP15.png (1)
    Preparing a new global biodiversity framework

    易胜博娱乐 will be attending CBD COP15 part 1, which starts today and aims for nations to adopt a new global framework for the protection of biodiversity.